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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Ok sorry brother Joel! I am like George, not sure am understanding properly.

Can you dumb it down a little for us?
Race seats are not designed to be used with the OEM 3 point (Unless you get a sport seat). You cannot belt yourself if properly. It is designed for a 4/5/6 point harness. Using the three point, the belt does not properly come in contact with your hips and the belt cannot be belted through the hole into the OEM receptacle. Most people will just belt them over the edge of the seat. Again not good.

This setup gives you good side bolstering and allows proper positioning of the OEM belt and supports a race harness.

This one is correctly done with a hoop and cross members for multipoint harness.

This is a race seat that uses the OEM 3 point. He would sit in his seat and strap the belt over the edges of the race seat into the OEM bet receptacle, never making contact with the hips and our natural fold point. In an accident, because the belts are not correctly located over your hips, you would submarine under the belt and find yourself folded up under the dash. Each to their own I guess. I say do it right the first time, be safe, and have fun. Dont cut corners with safety. (Brought to by the Canadian Auto Insurance Association and your local Emerg/Trauma Centre)
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