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Random fight broke out... jumped on my hood...

In Hamilton for the evening with some friends at a Tim Horton's.
Here I am by myself, in my car and on my phone, when all of a sudden I notice a group of people huddling around a van in the parking lot.

There are some loud voices and yelling and soon two people emerge from the crowd, lifting up their sleeves, about the pummel one another. Now keep in mind they are about 3 car lengths from me.

I immediately turn on my video camera and start filming them. There are about 15 people now, with the two fighters going at each other.

The fight progresses to the right and to the left and slowly towards my car.
All of a sudden one of them pushes the other straight onto my car and jumps right after him.

Almost stunned I keep recording and I hear the others finally freaking out telling them to stop and get off. They immediately stop and run in opposite directions. This is when I immediately get out of my car and chase them.

Realizing I can't do much even if I catch up to them, I head straight to the van.
I Take some pictures of the van and its license plate and then go back to inspect the damage. There are about 3 dents on the hood. Lots of scuff marks too...

I'll post pictures in the afternoon.

Any thoughts on how I should go about this? I'm guessing itís around $300 at a PDR. But I have video proof and a license plate. It happened in a parking lot and these people were highschoolers/college students...