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BMW high tyre pressures

As the title suggests, does anyone think the recommended tyre pressures are high? I've been doing some testing of the Birds suspension I fitted over xmas. For the most part it's an improvement over stock, but I was surprised that I can still feel every little imperfection on the road, I was hoping the new kit would isolate me a bit more, especially as I'm on my 17" non runflat winter tyres.
Came across the following on a Jag XF website, I think the Jag is roughly the same weight and RWD, I found it interesting there is very little change in their recommended pressures, even on the 20" staggered set-up. From memory the pressures for the 35D go up quite a lot as the wheels get bigger.
Anyway, I lowered my pressures to 2.2F and 2.3R and went for a drive around the lanes. Much less feeling of minor road imperfections and the handling still felt ok, was not really pushing it too much as it started to snow

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