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So apparently Tischer/BMW Silver Spring isn't so mod friendly after all

I took my car in there for some repair work. I had a foglight out and an emergency brake light out where I replaced both bulbs with brand new bulbs and they both still wouldn't come on again. So, I took my car to Tischer to get it diagnosed and have them fix it. I am well modded, but also well out of warranty (111k miles+), so I didn't think there was any issue as I wasn't asking for them to pay for anything. I was prepared to pay for the repair. Tischer gets the car Monday 1/7... they are diagnosing, diagnosing... We were in communication every day until Wednesday. Thursday, I call them, can't get through to my SA as "he is busy with something." Friday, I get a call at maybe 2 pm. "You're car is ready for pick up." Great, I think! "But, it's not repaired. My "Shop foreman Doug" said we can't work on the car because it's modded." They said they can't get the computer to talk to the car. I tell him that this hasn't been an issue in the past, but I can turn off the JB4 and you can try again. He says that his foreman doesn't want to touch the car because they are afraid they will break something and they will be liable, end of story. I'm thinking, then why are they working on any cars if they are afraid they will break something????

This is weird to me because the car has been in there plenty before and there have been no issues, especially considering the car was in for a software update at some point (while in it's current state of mods). Anyways, SA was nice enough to let me know what he thinks is wrong with the car (FRM-2 failure).

$400 and a week later, of course I'm frustrated, but now that I've had a couple of days to cool off, I've realized it's probably for the best. I need to make use of my networks for all the car stuff or just do it myself and should not be in the dealership at all anymore with this car. When I got off the phone with the SA on Friday, I googled FRM-2, and of course a bunch of threads about it show up on e90post. So, that is also a reminder for me to always check here first (as I've done in the past). For some reason I just brain farted on this one and didn't check here.

Moral: Even if you're out of warranty, dealers don't like modded cars.... and use all resources before you go to the dealer.

Anyways, I can get the part. Is there anyone local that can do the coding for me? Send me a PM. If you have a hook up on the part as well, let me know and we can work something out. Lastly, should I just go ahead and upgrade to FRM-3 now? I don't intend on getting any LCI parts, but the FRM-3 seems to have more capabilities, etc.