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Well, yesterday after trying a few things we stumbled on the problem.

We took a look at the battery and although it seemed fine we decided to try another battery. We took one out of my Father's other car and tried to attach it. The only problem was was that we couldn't attach the top red part that goes on top of the battery because the battery was a different size and we couldn't fit it on there. So we ended up bypassing the red box type thing (not sure of part name) on top of the battery and just connected the main cables to the pos and neg terminals. It fired up! So after that happened we figured the battery must be the problem. Since the battery was fairly new, we took it back and got a new one after they tested it and confirmed that it was a "bad battery".

So we got home and we were pretty confident that the battery was going to work. So we put it in and hooked everything up and... nothing. Same problem we were having before. A little confused, we bypassed the red box again and it fired up. After that we put the box back on but unplugged the cables that go into the red box. Finally we settled on the blue cable that goes from the neg terminal to the red box. The car now starts without a problem. It will start as long as that cable is unplugged... If you plug it back in while its running nothing will happen but if you shut the car off and try to start it again nothing will happen. For now I've left it unplugged until I can figure out what it is for and if that is the actual problem or if its something else.

I took some pictures to show you guys what I'm talking about: