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Although I don't own an N54 any longer, it is near and dear to my heart and may own a track-specific car with one in the future.

I think it's time someone finds the information on exactly what to do to make the N54 reliable. Here are some issues that cause the car to throw codes, go into limp mode, or reduce power during sessions. It's all I can remember:
  • Cooling system including oil and transmission - limp and more limp
  • Fuel systems: pump, injectors - throw codes, cause limp
  • Carbon build up - cuts power albeit slowly, over time
  • Turbos - failures cause limp
  • Intake - causes heat soak
  • Water pump - capacity is too low which enhances high temps. It also fails for many within 50,000

Exactly what needs to be replaced and modified as if you were going to run an hour long race? I would like a power plant w/o meth as I think it might run out. The motor and cooling is all I would want.