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Originally Posted by FormerRotor
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Thanks for the info Former Rotor. So just to make sure I have this straight, normally us diesel fuel doesn't have water. However, the demulsifier in the opti lube may make water present which would then in turn not be a good thing. I do not have a separate apparatus to filter any water like TDIWISE does, so I just want to make sure that I understand fully what may happen with my opti lube usage.
I also read somewhere that our fuel filters have some sort of built in water separator in them with an unknown capacity. I will try and find the link, but is there any truth to this and would it matter? I'm guessing not or you would be using XPD.
Originally Posted by Socom View Post
There is a min amount. It's measured in combination with sediment and is .05% (ATSM D2709).

First of all, I'm no expert, so everyone please feel free to correct, debate, or reaffirm as needed.

As I understand it...
Basically, as Socom is stating, there is always going to be some level of contamination in fuel some of this is suspended in solution and the rest is not. I believe ive read that our fuel filters are 95% efficient with regards to removing water. however, this is only up to an unsaid capacity as we have no way of draining off the water as is possible with a more conventional diesel fuel filter.

In the case of XPD, the additive contains a demulsifier which would force whatever water is in the solution to fall out. Over time however, that water can cause any number of issues on its own if not removed (ie bacterial film) but were it to eventually to all try to make its way into your engine, the filter would very likely not be able to handle it.

This is why many of the fuel-additive-using crowd for our vehicle who have not yet installed a TDIwyse-type setup for secondary filtration prefer to use additives with an emulsifier (causing the water to become suspended) as our fuel systems seem better suited to handle water in this state.

Hope this helps.
I do remember reading over on the TDI forum that the claims at demulsification are a little more than marketing and like said above, the demulsifer content is minuscule at best- this came from someone with actual market experience and a chem background- unfortunately I can't find the thread, so this is hearsay again.