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Any tips or criticism?? I feel it came out too grainy but I guess it was the lens I was using.
Your issue is just that the image was underexposed. Even with a RAW file you can always darken shadows and fix small areas of blown highlights, but you cannot always add detail to underexposed areas. When I'm dealing with shadows or areas of a scene that are tricky to expose properly I always shoot around half a stop wider than necessary (i.e. overexpose just a bit) and adjust exposure down in lightroom, rather than trying to add detail to underexposed areas. Either that, or bracket my exposures and take one shot with the background properly exposed, and a second with the foreground properly exposed, then stitch them together in post. It looks like you were shooting with a fairly narrow aperture and using ISO to adjust exposure, which is what's giving you the grain. It's a fine balance between shooting wide enough to get good detail, while not going so wide that you lose part of your subject to DOF. If I was shooting a scene like this, I would have used auxiliary lighting. That's really the only way you can properly control exposure and keep your aperture narrow enough for a wide subject like a car #photographerproblems

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