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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
I will definatly keep this thread updated, I just need to make a template first of the baffle and then go down to B&Q for the MDF board - I am thinkin it is simple to do, have one rectabgle piece with the cut out for the sub, another rectangle peice to mount onto and screw onto the back seat. Unless I am missing something?

When do you pick up the new car? I know it must be a pain to work in cold freezing conditions but needs must I bet you will have sleepless nights for the next week
I think that sounds alright. As long as its fully sealed and secure it should be fine. I would suggest deadening as much of the rear seat as you can and the parcel shelf as in mine there was some rattle from the parcel shelf on certain low notes. Also you probably already know this but Mr Singh used some type of bolts (cant remember the name but its on my thread), so the screw holes won't widen after screwing multiple times. No dirty jokes lads!

Pick it up next saturday I know i said i was going to do some of it today but got nothing done. I was being lazy plus i wanted one more day of listening to it as i'm not sure when it will all be in again. Yes last night was the worst!!