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Originally Posted by M3-FAST View Post
The Audi MMI system is just as bad with limited facility to import the numbers. If I pair the phone up with the car using Bluetooth then the contact are visible and can import them to the car however using this method gives me no data services as he iphone isn't rsap compatible, thanks Audi for designing a car that doesn't integrate with the worlds most popular phone lol

If I pop the sim in the dash, then the data works but all the numbers I imported into the MMI disappear, ggrrr - the sim is too large to pop into the iPhone so end up having to export my iPhone contacts to a PC. Then use a USB SIM reader and copy he contacts onto my SIM that is used in the Audi. All good providing you don't need to alter a number! My sis text me her new mobile number the other day, 10 sec swap in he iphone but can't be changed in the Audi as there is no edit facility on stored numbers. Who designs these systems??
This lack of data is really getting to you isn't it?

So the MMI system works perfectly with my Android phone as it supports RSAP just like Nokia and Blackberry phones do as well. Maybe the question should be why Apple don't support RSAP which is used by Audi and Mercedes?

But in any case having had this working in the car the question to me is why?

The online services offered in the Audi are pitiful. Sure I can have a Google earth image overlaid on the navigation screen but if the base map doesn't have the road on then Google earth gets in a muddle. I was told that you didn't need to update the Audi maps as they came from Google. This is not the case,

The traffic comes from TMC so again online gives nothing extra.

So apart from telling the the weather, the Audi online service just leaves me asking why bother?

BTW I do actually have a SIM card for the car but right now it's sitting in the glove box