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Originally Posted by Game View Post
Looks good man. Mtech looks great on white.
Thanks! It was even a little difficult researching how it looks on aw, i spent a few days googling/thread searching to get a good visual agreement with my wallet haha.

Originally Posted by BobS View Post
Very nice! What coilovers are you on? Arkym lip would complete the look..
Originally Posted by Mahhvinn View Post
Looks great Johnny! Time for a lip for it!
Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Looks good dude finish it up with a lip and you good
Originally Posted by DC_Oldboy View Post
Damn nice. What lip are you going to get? =)
I am on KW V2s.

And I am not planning on getting a lip =[, although the arkym lip is my favorite for the mtech front, wouldn't want to spend the money unless it comes in polyurethane though...can't see myself getting a CF front lip to scrape the shit out of it haha. My poly lip on my WRX was dragged so many times and damaged at the time i sold the car haha.

Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
your new M-Tech front looks great jonny, although im really gonna miss your aero lip but nonetheless it looks AWESOME!
Thanks Alen! I actually missed the aero lip for the first day or so, but after seeing it installed on my car, i'm definitely happy!

Originally Posted by 335xi Stunt' View Post
Looks great! No rush for a lip, bumper looks great stock on an aw
I am hoping my height can pull it off without having to get a lip...i'd just scrape it for days lol.

Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
Looks great man. Can't wait for mines to get painted Monday. Do you plan on replacing the fog light bulb?
I heard a lot about the bulb issue...i bought mine off of mod bargains and even my shop was surprised everything bolted on and fogs work with no errors.

Originally Posted by coolio0079 View Post
Awesome!!! What's next? The mod bug never stops.
LOL. I will be honest with you, although i say i am done, it is about 90% done excluding wheels. I'm still deciding about a gloss black roof wrap and m3 side mirrors if i can find a deal less than $400 lmfao.

Originally Posted by J-Spec Dan View Post
nice! what about MTECH rear??
I do have it ^_^


Never low enough.