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Originally Posted by aram0492 View Post
Hey everyone. I got rear ended about a week ago and the other party is paying for the repairs. I was thinking of upgrading to the m tech rear. I found the bumper for $500. Also I want to upgrade my front at once. I wanted to do the m3 front. What do you think? Will it not match as one is m3 one is mtech? I would've done m3 rear as well, but i just wont do the quad exhaust setup on a 328. Let me know what you think. Does anyone have any pics of it? Also if I do choose this setup, should I get the m3 side skirts or the mtech?
I have the m3 front bumper, m3 side skirts, and mtech rear. looks fantastic. the point of using these bumpers is to improve the look of the car. it is NOT to make it look like an m3. that would be poser. so if the m3 front looks the best while the mtech rear is the best of the rear options, theres no problem in mixing them up. here are some pics of mine: