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Originally Posted by sohlman View Post

Regarding the speakers i bought them from Audiovisual world see link.
I am not sure about these. I could not find reviews on these and not seen them installed on sound system here on the forum (unless I missed that thread).

You may wish to buy DLS4 components from this seller and you would require these spacers (mob17 for you as well to fit your morels in E92) along with new window trims to house your tweeters (50 from stealer).
DLS4 should be around 100 + 20 = same price as Quart. Exception would be windows trim.
And DLS4 are very very good drivers.

I have gone down the route of fitting co-axial in BMW doors and trust me, tweeters sound better in their own window trim housings.

Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
I am not sure what is IB can you explain?
Mob17 has kindly provided all the links.

Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
My stereo shop says the bass will be ok with power which i have, but suggests that if we need more we can do one of two things.
I'd strongly suggest you to read all other methods of fitting the sub before you go for what you have be told. Read all the links which mob17 has provided especially the last one.

Go for corner enclosure if IB is not viable option by your installer.
Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
Remove sound deadening in the parcel shelf
It is not sound deadening sheet only, but weather seal as well so no air can enter from the rear shelf. And at the top of that it is filling the gap b/w the metallic sheet and rear parcel shelf which sandwiches third seat belt housing.

If you remove this, you will be inviting rattles.

Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
or behind rear speaker covers drill 3" ports into the boot for the bass to get in.
Technically, that will make your rear speakers as passive drivers (bass driving their cones) and would interefere with their sound producing abilities.
There is already a big hole in the middle of metallic sheet under rear parcel shelf, if that helps your installer.

Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
I have not done anything undersea so would probable have them running of the head unit front channel for now, but if i feel the need for more then i think the earthquakes are the only way, but they are pricey. Then i would run the mids from one change on the amplifier and underseats off the other with the rear off the head unit.
You can:

1- Run front components / speaker
under seat drivers

from amplifier

2- Rear speakers of HU

I have looked into the answer of running 80PRS both from internal amp (rear speakers in your case) + RCAs (for amps) and only one guy in USA has mentioned that it can be done.
However pioneer recommend one way or the other but not both.

When considering under seats, you may wish to consider Jenherts which are mid bass drivers compared to earthquakes (sub bass drivers). You can leave this for your stage 2 and keep your OEM drivers at the moment.

Other approach could be amping your front and rears and driver OEM under seats of your HU.

There you go, you have few options/ routes to think and re-think.