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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
One thing you and many others have overlooked is the demands of the markets and sports cars are not great sellers you may point to the manufactures who have one model in this category but it might help one manufacturer because of the huge back up of resources available , but the other ? How has it helped when your value is not what it used to be.

Given the volatile markets and demand for specific vehicles it is more a priority to focus on what the market demands and in the case of the global market it is premium compact cars and more SAV models of all segments. Due to the advent of extensive architecture development and modular sharing these become cost effective to produce they also make money which in BMW's case is important to keep the company independent.

In the luxury market we have to look at the premium sedan which is now outsold by the premium SAV , whilst premium coupes are also declining in favour of more flexible four door premium coupes , yet the ultra-luxury segment of limousines and coupe models are thriving that is why it makes more sense to have a RR coupe rather than a new BMW coupe 2dr flagship. The BMW 6er is the modern equivalent of the E31 BMW 850i.

There will be a BMW sports car but it is not a priority at this time , there are many aspects to make it work cost effectively for a company like BMW but these will not come into effect until 2015. You might argue that companies are doing this already with CFRP and yes you will be right but not at the cost BMW will be able to do by 2015. Because of serious investment into in-house production.

Last year alone in Europe premium compact cars decimated mainstream volume manufacturers. Customers are shown in volatile economic situations to downsize without sacrificing luxury or big-car features. The new compact BMW class will take advantage of this as the MINI has already done. It will also extend the branch of first time BMW ownership which is the goal of any product to entice would-be customers to their brand.
Scott the lack of demand for sports cars is a marketing thing. You have to make people want the sports cars. Just letting them sell themselves like BMW does with the 3,5, and 7 won't work. This is because barely any sports car purchases are done rationally. Therefore sports cars must be marketed heavily. And not in a logos way, but using pathos. Jaguar understands this and have done a fantastic job marketing the F-Type, and I guarantee you they will be rewarded for their efforts. BMW seems to not even want to try. The last time I saw an ad for the Z4 was the art one right after it was released over 4 years ago. Then ya'll act surprised when it doesn't sell well. Another problem is that many dealers do not have Z4's in stock, and when they do they are way off to the side. Instead they should be the first car you see going into the dealership. Because they are the best representation of the brands values in design, engineering, and quality.

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