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Originally Posted by PHR View Post
Really no point in wasting your time.
If it was me, I would have done the exact same thing you did, and record the fight. However, anyone wiser may ask, why didn't you just leave when you had the time to avoid all of this?

For $300 you really shoudn't waste your time going through court. You could always file a report, and have the police deal with their criminal actions. But your most likely going to get squat . =(

Lesson learned: Stay out of Hamilton with your BMW, you don't see stuff like this in Mississauga lol
I beg to differ, this exact same thing happened by Mavis and Brittania in the parking lot in front of Marble Slab during the fall. 2 guys going at it and tossing pop cans at each other.

Instead of recording, and watching the fight, I got into the car and moved it across to the other lot in the same plaza.