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Question Do I have the right idea?

Hi everyone.

I bought a 2006 325xi in September of 2011 and I bought it for $19k.

Now I am already getting a slight itch to get a new car. I have looked at Genesis Coupes, 135's and Maximas. Originally I didn't want to get a 335, (dumb right?) because it would've been too similar to my current car interior wise. Didn't see it being worth it.

But then I thought about it for a bit, and I am ready to get myself a 2008/2009 335 Coupe in White with Navigation, Premium seats and Cold Weather.

With Coral Red.

Should be pretty different in there now

First off, 2008 or 2009, which one and why?

Second, this would be my third car and I've never b traded in a car so I am asking if this is the correct process of what would need to be done.

Go from dealership to dealership and find my 335 that fits my specifications.Then go and tell the rep I want to trade you my car and buy that 335, and I will tell him I have 6 thousand left in loan payments on my 325. He will then give me a quote for what he will pay for my car (What do you think it is worth? 61,000 miles 4 door, 3 areas on car where there are small dings, roof, front fender).

If I accept the offer he gives me would he then take that amount and subtract the 6 thousand still left on the car and I would get that total in cash. Would he give me a better price for my car since I will be giving him that money back and more for a new car?

I then take a loan from whoever he recommends me or will the dealership give me a loan? And the only two things that change are my car and my payments monthly since it will be a bigger loan and will be paying monthly a little longer now to finish it all.

Now should I sell it to a dealership or should I sell it privately? I have third party HID headlights and fogs, metal foot pedals, rear spoiler and WeatherTech digital fit floor mats (Will they fit the 335 coupe?) Should I sell it with these or strip the car out of everything I did to it?

And the best question of them all, automatic or manual in new york?

Thanks for reading