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Hi Tim...Tom here

Originally Posted by teege View Post
just to make sure we're talking about the same type of amp. here is a picture of the connections I am referring to vs the more typical optical cable running into the da2.
The "MOST jacket" that Technic is referring to is there. It's the housing plugged in to the MOST connector on the amp in the picture. It's kind of a mating adaptor, but the inner 2-pin housing is the same. You'll need to remove the 2-pin FO connector from the Mobridge "MOST Jacket" and insert it into that housing before it will plug in to the amp.

The 20 pin connector to provide power to the amp is still intact in the car. Here's a pic of your amp rack:

The L7 20 pin connector is in down in the cavity forward (towards the wheel well) of the DA2. Just unplug that from the Technic connector, plug it in to the L7 amp, plug the MOST connector in to the L7 amp and you should be good to go.
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