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Originally Posted by bimmerjph
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There are too many people fixated on statistics of cars and convincing themselves that ownership of that caliber magically makes them a driving star. To me its really about the pleasure the car gives to you and not the satisfaction/ego of numbers and 0-60 times. Do I make sense?
This exactly. I got into a minor argument with a friend of mine a few months ago. He was saying that he might buy the new M5, and I said that the old one (E60) was a better drivers car. He could not comprehend how a car with less power could be better to drive. Its really a shame that people just don't care anymore, but what is worse is that the car makers are not giving them a reason to care anymore.
Yes. I agree with your insight 100%. The E60 M5, in every way, was like some insane special edition that should never had been a "production" sedan. Like the E90/92 M3 the E60 M5 was what BMW has been all about. The market is kind of uncertain and undefined right now. Lets hope BMW gets their priorities correct is the next few years. I think they will.