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Need some Procede V5 Help for 335is DCT

To begin, I completed a fresh install of a brand new Procede V5 Rev3 shipped directly from Vishnu. I have a 335is with the DTC transmission. Installed per the latest video on youtube (mod
Fired up the engine and runs super smooth for the requested 3minutes. All looks good so I button up the engine bay and pull out for a drive. Map 1 active. Enter the street out of the driveway and get on it slightly. at 3K rpm throws my DTC into Neutral. Yikes?
We put it back in gear and try again but with slightly more throttle. Bam, like hitting a brick wall at 3.5K rpm. Reduced power engine, Transmission error, limp mode. Lots going on. Pull over, turn off, sit, restart and I get back home to call Robert at Vishnu. This is all on Thursday, last week.
Robert runs me thru all reset procedures etc. Re-try the above run and errors repeat. We then try the run after clearing lights error (I am INPA user and will get to the codes in a minute) and put in MAP 0 to see if problem persists.
All appears good and no issues, and I report this to Robert. With this being the case it appears issue is with Procede or wire harness, not the install. Robert asked for a DataLog to better diagnose. That was completed and sent last week.
I would consider myself very mechanical and slightly technical. This is my lead in to the my statement that, "My install was done 100% correct".
Well not being able to just sit idle all weekend I decided to go out in MAP 0 and try another hard run to see if all problems really were gone in bypass MAP and low and behold they were not. At WOT in 3/4th gear I was able to duplicate the issues listed above even in MAP 0??? Next logical thing is to rule out the car so I went thru complete uninstall of Procede.
Out for the test drive and I can say without a doubt that everything is functioning 100% correctly. NO issues.
So, issue it either Tune hardware(Procede or Harnass) or Install. I therefore try to rule out install by going thru the complete install again as slowly and methodically as possible. I say again, it is installed correct.
Now for my question to any of you still reading. Do you think that my Procede was shipped with the wrong Maps that will not work for the DTC transmission (even though the zip lock bag the unit was in said 7-29maps 2011 335is DTC) or something else. I attached a photo with my error Codes pulled using INPA (I believe these are very accurate). Part of me thinks that it is a power issue to the Procede when I really start to get on the car. I found another forum member state a very similar issue (threw same codes) and said the problem was the power wire plug not completely in and securing that connection fixed his problem.
Even though I had checked that connection thoroughly I still that power supply is some part of my problem.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm running INPA and pulled a screen shot of my error codes. See attachment
Ideas anyone?
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