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Originally Posted by marshall834 View Post
Why? Because information sells! If a salesperson can show how it works, why it works, and how it will affect you, will you be more likely to buy form that person than the guy that just gives you the standard one-liner?

That being said, I agree with mostly everyone on here - he wasn't be rude he was just being careful.
I agree with you 99%. As a sales person I understand the more you can tell someone about something the more likely they will buy from you. Its my life, its what I pay the bills off of, its how I feed my family. Were not all terrible people. Some cases where something that can be easily replicated or copied for a lower cost as a business person I would not let that out. We know Terry is a great guy, I cant think of a time where he hasnt treated me like a customer and a friend. I think keeping some stuff close to the chest is ok when it can keep a competitor at bay for just a small while.