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Originally Posted by BMWWW View Post
interested, brand too please.

You guys familiar with the term "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"/"Don't re-invent the wheel?"
--OP, if you list your maintenance guidelines and fluids that you use, I will 100% copy your routine.

ps. Yes, I'm aware of the video on the internet by Hankook about the super-generation of tires.
Posted fuel type on post #57. Shell V-power 93

I've only used OEM fluids, filters, and parts (except brake fluid). I get everything from Tischer. I've been a Tischer customer since 1996 before they had the internet parts business. As I said I've followed pretty much BMW's schedule some changes a bit early for trans, diff, coolant, plugs, and brake flushes. 17,500 OCI's for engine oil. I didn't mention earlier that I replaced one O2 sensor at about 125,000 miles. I cleaned and swapped VANOS solenoids at 145K and at 195K.