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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
what a sexy vette! a few angles that are not super flattering, but wow! it promises to be a beast! i can't wait for the z06 my goodness!!
Agreed! will be following this closely

Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
i think with the new cayman, reliability should be improved. porsches arent too bad in terms or reliability... the only problem is that the engines are harder to get to so regular maintenance and servicing is generally more expensive. i do like the new 991, cayman & boxster interiors.... very upscale indeed... a huge step up from my 997 generation p-car which feels dated even compared to a base 3 series.

that being said, the new vette is definitely a very good bang for the buck and theres no doubt that the aftermarket will have tons of products out there to fix anything you dont like about the stock car.

performance versions arent out yet but even the base vette is a pretty good buy considering the price they are asking for it. the performance vettes will likely put the price of the car well above 100k (with a few light options) in canada by the time they come out. all depends on how much youre willing to spend on the weekend track toy and how much track time youre going to do with the car....

now the last question to ask is this ....... is the vette better than this ?? which would you rather have?
Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
i think the new viper is nothing special
Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
600 lb-ft torque

sounds pretty special to me... i know its not a scalpel but thats one hell of a sledge hammer...
Chris, you are right the sound of the Viper is intoxicating, but in terms of performance if you do a quick search, you will quickly find that the 2012 ZR1 has better dyno numbers, do longer bunouts by 100 feet, as well as being 2 seconds faster at Laguna Seca. For such a new car, it is indeed impressive, but also disappointing, compared to the best outgoing vette.

Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
They fouled up the rear end. Its a Vette not a freakin Camaro
I know, but not really a deal breaker for me, he he! But not before 2014.

I need to get me a car that I would not need $1 of mod to track.
SB, Terra, 6MT. Only a few mods here and there.....nothing extreme!