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Originally Posted by Hope View Post
This guy summed it up nicely. Yes wow

Sounds like you are in love, you only live once, enjoy it.

I'm sure you will get these issues ironed out, this really is a special car. I don't normally like silver either but this darker grey really works, it just seems so old school, a mondern take on the original, so it's not an Alfa 8c or even an xkr but its got enormous appeal and masses of character. I think the reactions you have already had in 24 hours tell you this.

I actually read your review before scrolling to the pics, top review again as expected.

So command aside, maybe these cars are owned by weathly people who like one too many blue steaks and they pile on the weight causing movement in the seats . From someone who watches tv with the volume on only even numbers I know what you mean.

I'm sure the B&O speakers will sound stunning when fixed. I have some at home and to my ears are the perfect tonal balance and very pleasing to the ear. I'm sure they will sound amazing in a car. Perhaps not getting much use with the engine!

The 335 steering being hydraulic is very weighty yes. So I hope you keep this one long enough that I see it around, perhaps at a meet.

So where do you go next, who knows but for the time you have this I hope you enjoy this supercar, its a stunner.