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Maybe I should mention this now so people know it can be done without extra hassle...

Went to Ivo to put car back to stock and to do new OEM clutch because I'm selling my car.

Wasn't really sure who was going to machine the DMFW because of the horror stories I heard - so I wanted it done right. After speaking to Dzenno for a while I found out he did his at Mr. Transmission. Unknowingly, there is one just south of Ivo's place and there is another guy Ivo now uses.

For anyone looking to do clutch and doesn't wanna pay $600-$1000 for OEM DMFW - go to Ivo an get her done. Machining was $150, clutch kit from BMW with bolts was $450ish + and then Ivo's work.

Ill post up a pic later, but car runs great, awesome instant engagement- drives like new. Almost sorry I have to sell it lol.

Edit: since I didn't install my Spec Stage 2+ it's for sale. $750 BNIB complete clutch kit.