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Originally Posted by MSport35TT View Post
So I am looking for some additional product information from Berger Motorsport so i go ahead and contact Terry with the per-sale and support team. This is what I get for a response, please see the email chain below...

Are you kidding me! How is it that you talk to a perspective customer in such a rude manner. Clearly it is his job to help with product questions and it is clear that Terry could care less. Just wanted to share this with everyone and hear your thoughts.

You were a bit rude on your second response... he is a busy guy and has a lot of customers to attend to... i would definitely not take it personally... I bought the JB4 from him, and i know a lot of people who have purchased other products for their car... awesome service.... if he has it i'd buy it from him... but if you have a question you'd like to expand on you should google it... his job is to answer questions... but you should know what you are getting before you look into just purchasing it.