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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
Holy ignorance.......get serious and go read all my posts in this thread rather then choosing what you want to reply to.

You can call unintended acceleration due to carpet overriding or fat ladies thong jammed up from factory it is still unintended acceleration.

Go brush up on your ignorance with regards to Toyota's. The Toyota's new cars have just failed brand new safety test crashes, they have had lawsuits filed against them for run away cars. They have had stranded their customers many times until lawsuit was filed for them to take corrective measure. Such was the case with their chronic sludge issues with 3.0 liter /3.3 liter engines that were leaving folks with nearly 50% of their cars price in engine repairs.

Here is a link of Toyota's issues with engines.

Bottom line is No car manufacturer is perfect. Some times they take corrective measures themselves and some time we as consumers have to force them to take action. I am not here to defend BMW they have their own issues and they also do recalls voluntarily as well as some times we have to push the envelope with them . The HPFP issues that you are complaining about has been taken care of by recalls and by extending warranty to 120K. What more you want BMW to do........kiss your feet and salute you 3 times a day for buying their car

Get real dude all car makers have issues weather it is BMW or Toyota.

However, if it comes down to driving dynamics I would take BMW lineup over Toyota line up any day. I am happy in my 335i you can go drive a prius if it makes you that happy.
Why so angry? just posting my experience and opinion. My point is when you buy one of these things you KNOW for a fact that these problems will occur. In the case of the injectors they usually go 2 or 3 at a time and that's how they repair them instead of all at once when the first problem arises.
Carpet overriding accelerator may cause unintended accel but that was not a manufacturers problem. I don't care to compare BMW to anyone.....couldn't care any less.