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Telematic coding

Ok, few questions about the telematics -
1. What is the AntiKidnapping feature? Can't seem to find much on that... mine is turned off.

2. Has anybody tried to turn on this myinfo stuff? I have an 08 (march build) E90 with CDMA telematics - I was told by the dealer I can send to car from google - BMW Assist says nope - you have it active on the account, but its not available for that model. I'm assuming that its because the CDMA data contract is more expensive than the GSM and / or data transfer rates are different. In any event - I would like to have the feature - but wanted to know if anybody has / or if you can code it on. (just fyi - when I go to google and say send it car - it says successful - but nothing happens in the car under assist).

3. What is the comfort access lights? Are those the door handle lights? I have comfort access - but this is turned off...

Thanks in advance...