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For anyone thinking about doing the Valve Cover Gasket or valve cover themselves GO FOR IT.
It wasn't a bad DIY at all. I replaced my entire valve cover gasket and bolts, I had a crack in the valve cover. THe gasket was in very good condition my bet is the previous owner had it replaced or replaced it himself and cracked the cover trying to remove it.
The cover was stuck on there pretty good and takes a little shaking and patience to get it off and same with putting the new one back on.

All and all I did Downpipes a few weeks ago and that was a WAY BIGGER PITA than this. I have tomorrow off so I am going to have a go at cleaning my intake valves since half the stuff is removed anyway. Bought a gun cleaning kit from walmart for $17 and 3 cans of carb cleaner. Hope it goes as smooth.

total cost for VCG was about $300 ECS sells the whole package blts, gasket, and cover. Alot better than $1000 or more at the stealership.

Last note I hand tightened the 26 bolts and am going to leave them over night before torqueing them to 7 pounds and I started from the center bolts and worked my way out, by the time I got to the edges the center ones were easliy tightened more by hand. I don't want to crack this cover.

I noticed a lot of oil in my check valve tube I guess I might want to get an Oil Catch Can.