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Looking for opinions on color for Performance Spoiler on MB E92

I want to order a performance spoiler, and I want it to be black. I am unsure however, if I should just order a black one that will be gloss, or if it should be matte.

My car has matte black rims, matte black grills, and a stock matte black diffuser, but Gloss black window trim. I also want to wrap the roof with black vinyl and have the same question about it, matte or gloss?

I have seen matte black roofs and I am not sure I like how it looks as much as gloss black, but how bad would it be to mix matte and gloss?

I am thinking to myself that I could get gloss for the spoiler and vinyl for the roof. I think this because I figure all the parts that would usually be painted will be gloss, and then other pieces that are already matte would still look good matte. Or am I just trying to justify this in my head since glossy would probably be easier?

I am talking in circles now... please just vote and or comment below :-)

Here are a few pictures for reference:

matte black diffuser, wheels, gloss black window trim (got the car that way!)

matte black grille

matte black grille and rims, gloss black trim