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One year on 335d value

Hi All,

It's a year this week that I picked up the 335d!

In that time I've put on a meagre 5k - so I wanted to find out what it would be worth now.

My car is a 2010 335d Highline LCI model which I bought with 17k on the clock.

It was up for 28995 and I paid 27.

This springs up, with 10,000 more miles than mine had - also from BMW (the cheapest LCI from BMW I've found) - for 26,500! It's 3 months newer than mine and of a worse spec options wise.

I'm comparing trade retail with trade retail here as I didn't take a glasses/cap trade price when I bought mine and thus this is the only apples with apples test I can do.

Given my car had 10k less miles I'd expect atleast 1000 on the price, would you agree or not?

If so can it really be remotely possible that my car has only depreciated by 2k in 12 months?

That is only about 7% depreciation which would be fantastic for what was a 15 month old car, IMO.

Furthermore as I'm paying a relatively high monthly payment (through my own choice) on a flat HP agreement (with a great APR for BMW... 7.1%): I've paid off 5700 after interest and only owe around 21k: So I'm already in positive equity of 3k or so. Which I never would have dreamed of after 12 months.

Would you lot agree with my numbers? Was the used car market really that deflated 12 months ago?


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