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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Just want to correct some erroneous assumptions...
Good Luck, not knocking any of your plans, but you've made A LOT of erroneous or misinformed assumptions. From my research the Pioneer is a great HU.
I agree with most of your comments however there are few which I may not agree due to different location of the OP.
In case if you have missed that OP is from UK and in case if you do not know that in UK salaries are low, people are axed by taxman hardly and tax paid on everything is higher than USA. You guys are very lucky to buy all mods stuff pretty cheap compared to your UK fellows.

Considering that, I want to bring few things in to your attention:
1- For $300 there is an OEM HU that does both.
In UK, I have seen many sellers selling base HU from 50-300 ($100-600) on ebay. Equally, I have seen HU with BT and USB going for 350 ($600-700) which makes it expensive buy for UK members. Would you buy that or would you buy aftermarket HU with built in DSP / TA for 230?
I'd appreciate if you can provide a link of HU being sold for $300 with BT and USB as it may work out cheaper to import it from USA. Though we will have to pay import taxes on that stuff.

2- Depends on the path chosen, for HiFi --> not necessaryI've gone down that route. I have also assembled a system with DSP (MS-8). I feel that I require DSP in my car now. Many others may feel that way after going down the hi-fi route.
I cannot justify spending 400 on MS-8 or 300 (cheapeast you can get) on Helix DSP whereas I can buy aftermarket HU with nearly similar option for less than that.
You can live with just a stereo sound system but at the end of the day it is not an excellent sound system.

3- The technic harness which is cheap for what you are getting, makes adding amps to OEM HU as easy if not easier than any aftermarket HU
Brilliant harness and I have suggested this to many if they are going down the OEM route. But it works out slightly expensive considering postage + import tax to UK members compared to you guys.

4- the Balanced Diff outputs of HiFi system are generally better at noise rejection that traditional common ground topologies
Correct, but do not forget that you'd require amps which can accept balanced differential input as well. And they are expensive in UK.
Unless you add DSP in your system and can use any amp.

5-Depends what you are talking about...comparing what to what
OP is comparing the ability to play MP3 of OEM HU VS aftermarket HU which has built in DAC. With built in DAC, after market HU is far more able to reproduce sound to how artist created it. Having said that, I am not degrading OEM HU and it is fantastic. However no paper work suggest that it has built in DAC.

I am bringing these points into others attention so people can compare that what is economical for one person may not be the same for others living in a different counrty.