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Originally Posted by romanonj View Post

10k to replace according to real oem, keep that in mind next time using launch control!

Manual Is $4500
Thing is even with a $4500 gearbox no one replaces it when the clutch goes tits up. Also you don't replace it when you trash the synchros you just open the box & replace the worn parts.

Same would hold true with the DCT just replace what is worn out. I don’t use launch control as a matter of driving style not any concern about the DCT itself failing. Looking forward to what BuraQ's experience is when he rebuilds the clutches.

Not that there is a direct correlation, just food for thought, but I just finished rebuilding the clutch, transmission, transfer case & drive shafts on my Ranger 4X4 & IIRC have less the $600 in parts + my free labor.
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