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Originally Posted by Socom View Post
I understand that's what their bottles say but if you ask them if product X contains any sulphur they will not answer. Technically to be DPF safe it would have to contain no sulphur because any sulphur will put your fuel over the limit allowed for ULSD. Strange I know. *shrug* I've also wondered how the PTFE(aka, Slickdiesel, Slick50, teflon) affects the DPF. Does it burn off? Turn to goo? Nothing?
Stating that their product is DPF safe and if it fact it wasn't would be a HUGE liability. (Ask the maker of Slick50 about the consequences of false advertising).

I suppose every piece of equipement has a tolerance to include the DPF. Diesel contains sulpher and even if their product did contain an amount of sulfer, adding a few oz of an additive that contains an even smaller amount of sulpher should not post a problem for the DPF. Now whether or not adding Diesel Kleen would put the sulpher content over the ULSD limit,,,, who knows...

And while I do not have evidence as such, I assume Power Service tests their product in a lab to ensure it is DPF safe, not to mention the real world testing that takes place every day in DPF equipped trucks and cars.

BTW, Sliickdiesel has nothing to do with Slick50 or teflon. Diesel Kleen contains zero teflon.