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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
Hey, cssnms, you mentioned in the other thread that your running -1.7 rear camber. Dd the shop you mention pull the alignment pins for this or was this within the standard adjustment range? If you don't mind me asking, what widths & offsets are you running. They look perfect. I have 8.5s ET 32 up front and I'm considering a 5 or 8 M&M spacer. I think I will lean toward 5 and try to cam a 245 or 55 in. Your thoughts? Obsiously you've measured it out once or twice
Rear camber can be adjusted to an extent. The front is very limited in that regard, which does require the pins to be pulled if you need a good amout of camber. I did not pull the front pins - I believe my front camber is set at - .7. 8.5 et25 up front and 9.5 et 25 rear. You could probably get away with an 8mm spacer by the looks of things and be okay assuming you have a 235/35 size tire. Depending on the tire brand it might rub the fender liner slightly when you crank the steering wheel. It is really difficult to judge since every wheel and tire is different which I am of the mind-set it is better to start small, then go big if room allows. If were easy I would not have gone through 3 or 4 different size spacers.

I should also mention once you get up to an 8mm spacer you really need hub extenders since they do not make 8mm hubcentric spacers. Otherwise, the spacer extends out over the hub lip, which essentially means you would be running your wheels in a lugcentric fashion rather than hubcentric - not good.