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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
im in the market for a new commuter car. all cars below are in same price w/ options i want ~$25k. what are your thoughts and would you get something different?

Hyundai Elantra:
-great standard features including heated rear seats
-warranty & reliability
-nav is nicer compared to rest
-due for a refresh/new model soon ?

Honda Civic:
-brand new design
-still looks "cheaper" to hyundai

Subaru Impreza:
-awd w/ comparable gas mileage
-not a fan of cvt
-don't really need awd as i have another car for heavy snow days

VW Jetta:
-most hp/tq out of list

MINI Cooper Hardtop:
-only car on list requiring premium gas but w/ comparable mileage
- ~$3k more expensive than rest
I have the 2011 Jetta - Think I was one of the first in VA to get one. Love it. 36K trouble free miles. Nothing is as fast or big or solid for the money
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