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Originally Posted by djgandy View Post
Where and what type of road was yours on though? The size is not necessarily relevant. It is proving neglect. Considering the traffic load of this road there should not be holes that big.

Also interestingly the defect is showing on google maps images from August 2008!

See and
I take the point about neglect,but in honesty,as 'fulcrum' stated,the hole (is it even that?) would not even register as a pothole on the local authorities radar.

The one I hit was on an 'A' road,a bus route and was/is a very,very busy road,and I hit it in the dark.

After a 4mth fight, Surrey County Council paid out on the wheel,and 50% of the cost of a new tyre.

If you've got nothing else to do,by all means give it a go and see if you can extract some money for the damage (is there any?),who knows,you might get lucky.

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