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I don't really like it... same as my opinion of the Camaro, GM's designers have been watching too much transformers/playing with too many hot wheels cars lately.

I like the Camaro least of the new pony car trio because it's just too.. blocky and hot-wheels looking, and this is coming from someone with very apparent mods on his car. The rear on the 'vette looks pretty awful and there's too much black plastic everywhere.

Getting rid of the black plastic and having a better exhaust design would do wonders. It would still be weirdly blocky though, especially in the picture swanson posted a few posts up. I'm sure it'll be an awesome, capable car.. but I'm honestly pretty disappointed in the styling.

Remember when corvettes had nice, elegant lines? That's what I was hoping for:

Something more like this would have been great, more curvy, less blocky:


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