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Originally Posted by AdamC View Post
Your thinking sounds about spot on to me.
Your car must be worth 25 now.

Off topic but can I ask why you chose a 335d over the i when you do so little miles?
I only do a small amount of miles now and I'm considering upgrading to a 335 in the near future. Just don't know whether to go petrol or diesel.
Well I planned to do at least triple the mileage when I bought the thing, but circumstances changed slightly with where I work (For BA presently) and it didn't make sense to drive to the office. As such it's only running weekend and trips away right now - or if I need to get away quickly after work.

If fuel economy isn't a concern I might be inclined to get the petrol.

It is however nice to average 42-43 on a motorway journey rather than 30 ish!

Residuals are much stronger on the D also. Less economical (although the 335i is pretty decent) petrols tank in value due to tax and the percieved idea that the diesel is so so much (even though it's not leagues apart with the 335's to be fair) more economical.

What you do have to remember is even though the d is more expensive to buy, it's also still got most of that price premium for the engine remaining in the car when you go to sell. So that 2k "loss" for the diesel engine that everyone factors into economy mathematics is moot really.

That's a tangeant really and a point that's been discussed to death 200 times, so I don't want the topic to go down that road too much... but basically I love the torque of the big diesel mixed with the economy, getting a 13.3 quarter mile at Santa pod with a 2 second 60 ft time but on the journey home averaging over 40 to the gallon. What more can you ask for really!
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