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Carl Morris

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Cold weather TPMS question

I searched but everything seems to be about how to add or get rid of TPMS.

I have it, I like it so far, and I've run the tire pressures that it was at when I bought the car last January, low 30s all around. But it's been a little colder than usual the last couple of mornings and TPMS has complained about low pressure on one or more tires. I've checked them and they are normal considering the cold.

My question is, how does the TPMS work regarding its warning thresholds? Are they at a particular pressure, or are they at a pressure differential from when you last reset? In other words, could I just start running higher pressure all the time and never see this? Or will I still see it due to the cold pressure change from when they were last reset? I'd be perfectly happy to run 36+psi all the time if that will solve the problem. What happens if you reset at lower pressures and then add more pressure without resetting again...will it give overpressure warnings?