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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
You are mixing apples with oranges here.

Your statement is true but its only factual with the DCT M3 with the SSP harder clutch packs.

The DCT controller is not programmed the same in the M3 and 335is

the controller is programmed to with stand much more torque in the 335is than in the M3.

the reference I made about is to SSP softer clutch pack not the hard clutch pack designed for dedicated drag and race applications

so at this time no one knows what the affects of the softer clutches on the 335is will conclude.

currently when they have been installed we will have to reset the DCT controller to relearning to be able to determine the outcome

we will know soon though
I agree with you that I referenced to the hard and currently available pack. The other one has not been tested but I'm always open for an nice experiment but after diving deep into this mechantronic/gearbox item I concluded and experts I have been in touch with agreed that changing the default parts for non standard without knowing the exact configuration is something that should be done with extreme care and will not let to a perfect solution.

To be honest I changed my scope from an AT project to a DKG project. At the moment I have made a plan of approach to get into the mechatronic.
(Software is my work/company)

The story is that the mechatronic fimware encryption key is not out in the market, period, brute force is quite a bit of werk as they use a 1024 bit key. For that we can not load new software but the mechantronic seems to use the ASAM platform (Google -> ASAM + Embedded). The road to succes is to find a way to adjust the mechatronic bootloader with a custom one, where the encryption (+checks) are taken out. After that we will be able to load new stuff, custom stuff. I actually filed a resource request on some Indian IT websites to see if I can find some freelancer to help with this.

The same story more or less applies to the AT gearbox.

Yes adapation can do some work, but still if the values of the box somehow do not fit with the clutch specs I'm afraid you will run into other issues, besides having the adaption done well.

But I'm extremly interested to see what the outcome is, altough at this moment I would not go that road myself in al honesty, but if I can help somehow, not a problem.
My 500+ WHP RB car will be ready end of next week and I hope the best for my DKG :-D
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