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Originally Posted by djgandy View Post
Well as I said photos don't show it well and the hole is full of water which doesn't help. It is actually more a complete fault along the road rather than a pot hole. It looks like two surfaces that have been laid and the north side of the road being eaten into the ground.. You can see the fault line very clearly and there are smaller holes in the other lanes.

Is there damage? I don't know and I'm not sure I want to just yet. Last time I had pothole damage I got a 1000 bill. Suspension doesn't feel spongy, just the veering left and some ugly feedback from the right hand side of the car.

Maybe when it stops raining I can get some better photos and I'll take a measure next time (Sheet of A4 paper maybe). I have reported this anyway, and I will monitor it.

What was the speed limit of the A road you were on? As I said, it is not the size but the speed that is the problem here. I have hit far bigger potholes but at 25mph they are not an issue. If I hit this at 70 I seriously think it would destroy my wheels.
I wouldn't leave things too long,if there is damage,especially to the tyre/s,a blister, should there be one, will eventually grow,weaken and then without warning,go pop,not a great experience,especially doing in excess of 70 leptons on a M/way!

I think the speed limit on the road where I had my encounter with a bombcrater was a 30mph,although I doubt I would of been doing 30.

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