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Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
nice one mate!

you could have got some better pics of your car with the wheels on thats just lazy! lol

i quite like the red caps! like you said something different!

so tell me bud, you tempted to go for the coilovers route then????
cheers dude yep coilovers are next up for me hopefully next month or so. and im a busy man i have a gf to please at weekends i make her do enough car stuf as it is haha

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Tyso, looks great mate! Loving the contrast! For the price, couldn't have gotten any better
Yeah get some better pics u lazy fart

Now u needs you some coilovers to finish the bad boy off and your done! Seriously.. plenty of time to save up for some coilys from now until Apr (show season ish).

This will be a good year guys...
dont you start you dont no how to use your camera you just like dropping it
yes mate coilys next you no the score will be near enough ready by then should have more mods on by then mate.

wil be an awsome year for us lads

Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
oh and maybe de-badge or black coat the 335D on the bootlid! ....complete the stealthy look as you got black grills and badges
yeh ive been thinking about this gona get my mate to take them off then decide what to do.

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