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Originally Posted by psmitty95
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Looks alot better then before but it needs to be lower in the front as well as the back and IMO. Also really puts the focus on how much your wheels are sunk in, spacers will help for sure with the look. You might not even need to go lower depending how the it looks after the spacers
Yea idk yet haven't made up my mind but I might keep front as is. With the height now I have to leave parking lots at huge angles and go down so slowly... I think the 19" wheels in the summer will make a big difference. I'm not going to get spacers for these wheels since it's just for winter but once the summers are on I may space them out depending on how they sit. Before being lowered they were pretty decent so i'm hoping they'll be fine now. If not I can always do spacers
Yeah fit them see how they look and go from there. I would just give it a little more lower in the front and bring the rear down just a little so there isn't so much gap there. Clean car though dude