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Yes, yes, yes! I'm bathing in a sea of OCD!

Originally Posted by Russ G View Post
Volume always on even number
Climate always same temp both sides
No numbers on the BMW volume control. I have to drive my wife's VW to get my fix.

Originally Posted by Sparky68 View Post
Always annoyed me when the wheel badges were at different angles, soon outgrew that one though.
I did make sure the BMW centre caps were lined up with the little M badges on my E91. But that's nothing. A mate of mine has an E46 M3 and swears by his branch of Selecta Tyre (bo!). When he had new tyres fitted they lined up the little M badge, the BMW centre cap and the manufacturer logo on the tyre. Totally unprompted. They even showed him what they'd done. Customer for life.

Originally Posted by oldnail View Post
Climate control always the same on both sides and always even.
Obviously. Too much disturbance in The Force if they're not right.

Originally Posted by sheps View Post
My biggest OCD is about the position and level the vents point at. They all have a specific direction and level to point at and it annoys me if someone gets in my car and starts fucking with the vents on 'their' side.
The most annoying thing. Who the fuck messes with a man's air vents? I'll tell you who. A female. Or even worse a male who doesn't really 'do' cars. Freaks.