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Originally Posted by GammaZeta View Post
Well sure, if you're talking engine swaps, aftermarket tubro/supercharger kits, aftermarket suspensions, then that applies to any car. Give me enough money and I can make my Z4M eat a 911 turbo with an M5 S85 engine swap.

Cayman's a great car. But you have to compare it with the way it comes from the factory, not with tens of thousands of dollars of modifications on a $70,000 car. Heck, you can now even get a GT3 for around the price of a new Cayman.

Right now, if it was between a new Cayman or a used Audi R8 4.2L, you'd still have to go with the Audi for a few more bucks, both looks and performance.
Well, for the price of a used GT3 you could get a gen 2, put a 3.8 motor in it and upgrade brakes and suspension. Kills GT3's and has much better reliability and uses less consumables.

Even in stock form though, on track my Cayman S w/ PASM had no problem handling the 4.2L R8's. I was the only porsche on track with about 5 or 6 of them.