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thought it was time I should say hello, I've been lurking around here for the last month or so since buying LCI E91 330d M Sport and to be honest you've all got a lot to answer for!! ...2 months ago my life didn't consist of any of these constant thoughts keeping me awake at night:-

- black grills or chrome ones? black grills or chrome ones? (black ones were installed this weekend!)
- keep the MV3s or seek some 19" BBS CH on non-RFTs? (a few months ago that sentence didn't even make sense to me!!)
- dare I take my car apart to install an Alpine Upgrade Kit?? (the amazing amount of knowledge & info on here makes me think I can and it'll probably be ordered this week??!) :-|
- how the hell am I going to get hold of some secondhand L7 subs?? (join the back of the queue I guess!)
- is Makkan00 my nearest coder?! (Hi Makkan!) ;-)
- what's my OBD Port Strategy??!

I've learnt a so much on here already, thank you!!