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Originally Posted by Neothin87 View Post
I'm looking to purchase a kiwi Bluetooth soon to sync with my tablet and torque app. I went under the dash this morning to scope it out though, and it doesn't look like there's any place to really hide the cord or transmitter :-( has anyone hidden one of these in there cars? Is a 2009 e90 335.
The cover is too close to have anything plugged in with it on, but if you're hell-bent on making it happen, you could pretty easily simply unscrew the OBD-II socket and tuck it back farther, with the dongle tucked up in your pedal trim (make sure you tape it down well, or you could have it fall out into the pedal area creating a hazard).

Other options might be an OBD-II splitter (unscrew the OEM plug, tuck it back, plug the dongle into one branch of the splitter, leave the other exposed behind the door) or second plug spliced into the first (with the same kind of taps some use for audio installations).

You MIGHT even be able to find a splitter where one branch screws in in place of the original, but I couldn't tell you. And a spliced in second connector will avoid all the OEM plug placement problems, but obviously is a much bigger pain to wire in correctly.