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Originally Posted by ROW View Post
Hi Sam, the blaupunkt tha275 amp will power 2 ohm impendance without any issue. I emailed the shop selling the MB quart 2 way coaxials and he said the impendance won't drop from the stated 4ohm?
Basically the tha275 amp is powering the underseat subs and the base front speakers so is 2ohm currently, I would like to add l7 tweeters but have heard that will drop the impendance to 1.333 and possibly damage the amp.
What are your thoughts? Do you think I should take the plunge and buy the 2 ways and in theory it shouldn't drop below 2?
Most amps which work at 2 ohms can work at 1 ohm or minimum 1.333.
You should send an e-mail to technical team of Blaupunkt and ask them.
Most sensible way would be going for components than quarts co-axials.

If you want to try L7 tweeters, you can do a little experiment.
With current setup, add a thormometer on the amp and run the music at certain volume.
Record the temperature at 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

Now trying to keep all factors constant (weather, location of the car, location of the thermometer), add tweeters and repeat the procedure.

If amp does not cut out or does not go to protections mode, and there is no difference in temp, then you can run L7 tweeters with your current setup.