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VRSF 3" downpipes review

Going to make this quick as I'm tired as a MFr.

I attempted to install these myself on my 2009 335i coupe. I failed, one pipe didn't seem to fit right. I contacted Tiago (owner of VRSF) and explained my dilemma. His reply.. "Bring it to me, I will install for you free of charge".

I drove up to him this morning. AWESOME DUDE! He let me use his car to go get McDonald's! Lol. Anyways.. He push turned twisted screwed mounted bolted this and that and got them pipes in there. He was confident about it the entire time and even after reaching muscle failure in his arms.. And working on my car free of charge for 3+ hours.. Was saying "if this method doesn't work we will take them off and grab a new set to put on". He was extremely dedicated and all about my satisfaction. I can't be thankful enough bro, thanks!

The pipes; yes!!!! My butt dyno says hello! I felt a different immediately. The main diff is there is close to NO lag. As soon I hit that gas the turbos are pulling. I can also hear the air swooshing a lot quicker and sooner. The exhaust note has a bit of a deeper note but not that much different. I used map 5 and prior to DP it would run at 14ish PSI. Now I'm getting 15 so the auto tune deff picked up on the DP.

Great experience working with Tiago and I highly recommend everyone to consider VRSF.

Sorry for any typos. Extremely sleep deprived and using iPhone to type.

Side note: on way home I ran into an e46 m3 that wanted to roll. It really wasn't even close.. Those things are slow to a modified 335. Then ran into a turbocharged 330Ci ZHP. I was not much quicker than him... But still killed it. The 330 actually surprised the F out of me.