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Originally Posted by rickyjones1209 View Post
Mate you've raised the bar here big time! Every time I see you you seem to have swapped cars about 3 times! I didn't get to see the xkrs or the 911 turbo or the Maserati! But I really hope to see this before it gets sacked off! Looks truly awesome but I do wonder what you'll upgrade to next time....Ferrari, Lambo? Both of which I guess are not to your taste. Aston Martin is possibly a backward steps from here. A v10 R8 maybe or a Bentley? You may be running out of options.

You up for the Manx this summer? See if you can keep up with 335i!? Ha ha
Well need to make more of an effort to come out more

I don't honestly think I'm interested in a Ferrari or Lambo after this...Aventador / F12 excepted (both of which will be out of my price range for quite some time), I also see them a bit of a backwards step. Never been a fan of the R8 and I think I preferred my Jag to an Aston.

In all honesty, it could be F-Type Jag when the fast ones come out (but thats mid 2014 at least for the coupe) or the new (as yet unreleased 991) 911 Turbo when they depreciate a bit from their likely 130k list price. But, unless something truly awful happens or the car consistently lets me down, I'm pretty sure that I'll have this car right through summer and possibly beyond. You will get to see this one Ricky and yes, I'm up for Manx and will do my level best to keep your 335i in sight

(of my rearview mirror)

Originally Posted by briers View Post
I would probably put 50 in that he will be in an F-Type next year/later this year whenever they come out.

Wether he keeps this until then or not who knows, he's an enigma the way he does all this stuff. I wouldn't want to be out of an SLS anytime soon unless you were forced.

I'm sure he will be on after his supper to put us all straight.
My point exactly....if the car ends up being a dog or I lose my job or I smash it up or....anything bad really. Otherwise, I hope to keep it a while with the only possible options (circumstances allowing) being those listed above. I know full well theres nowhere really to go so will enjoy this car...and thats easily done when it drives, looks and feels so damn good!!
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